Rib Shack Red Extra Smooth

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The Wine

Rib Shack Red is a red wine made for those who like their wine the way they like their meat: big, full bodied red and juicy. With Rib Shack providing the wine, you are free to decide what you would like to enjoy it with. Perhaps a rack of spare ribs, marinated in a barbeque sauce. Or a steak big enough to make a vegetarian weep. Rib Shack Red is not a wine for small appetites or for those who believe in half measures. Because when flavour is all that counts, this ultra smooth red will hit the spot.


On the nose there is a big, fruity fragrance of ripe dark berries and hints of coffee and smokiness. 

Enjoy With

Ribs, steaks or a good strong cheese.


This wine will provide good drinking over the next couple of years.